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Leeb Hardness Tester(6)

Leeb Hardness Tester DLH-1100




Model DLH-1100 portable hardness tester can directly measure different types of hardness value including (HRC, HRB, HRA), Leeb (HL), Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV),and Shaw (HS).
In accord with international standards it's also can meet the "Leeb hardness tester technical conditions ZBN7l 010-90" and the "metal in the hardness test method GB / T 17394-1998" Leeb hardness standard JB/ T9378-2001 standards which are issued by the Ministry of Machinery Industry and National Quality and Technical Supervision.
With low-power design and high-performance Li batteries which can achieve utra-long standby time work it has more compact and flexible design increases user flexibility.

Technical Parameters
● Measuring range: 170~960 HLD
● Measuring direction: 360°
● Hardness Scale: HL, HRC, HRB, HRA, HV, HB, HS
● Display: dot matrix LCD 128×32 dots
● Data storage: 350 groups maxim
● Charging power supply: 5VDC,220VAC
● Charging time: 1.5~2h
● Battery: 3.7V,Li(200mAh)
● Using temperature: 0 ~ 40℃
● Storage temperature: -25 ~ 70℃
● Continuous working period: 40h
● Communication port: Micro USB
● Outline dimensions: 145.5 × 32 × 26mm
● Wight: about 160g

Measuring Range

Material Hardness test method Impact device type
Steel and cast steel Rockwell HRC 17.9~68.5
HRB 59.6~99.6
HRA 59.1~85.8
Brinell HB 127~651
Vickers HV 83~976
Shore HS 32.2~99.5
Hammered steel Brinell HB 143~650
Cold work tool steel Rockwell HRC 20.4~67.1
Vickers HV 80~898
Stainless steel Rockwell HRB 46.5~101.7
Brinell HB 85~655
Vickers HV 85~802
Gray cast iron Rockwell HRC  
Brinell HB 93~334
Vickers HV  
Nodular cast iron Rockwell HRC  
Brinell HB 131~387
Vickers HV  
Cast aluminum alloys Brinell HB 19~164
Rockwell HRB 23.8~84.6
Brass(copper-zinc alloys) Brinell HB 40~173
Rockwell HRB 13.5~95.3
Bronze (copper-aluminum/copper-tin alloys) Brinell HB 60~290
Wrought copper
Brinell HB 45~315

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