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Ultrasonic Hardness Tester DUH-1000




◎ Host with Android 5.1 system that supports 4G full Netcom. Can connect WI-FI, BLE, external SD card.
◎ One-piece metal frame, alloy material
◎ 5.0 "IPS LCD touch capacitive screen
◎ Measurement accuracy - up to ± 3% HV, ± 3% HB, ± 1.5HR (with stand)
◎ Test indentation small, smaller than the Leeb hardness tester
◎ Measure fast, 2S output test results
◎ Calibration easy to learn, onepoint calibration will generate a file.
◎ Massive data storage, GPS data including location information, time information
◎ Complete data transmission methods, it can connect an external Bluetooth printer, you can upload data to the computer and cloud platform.
◎ Can be 360 °measurement, without correction.

Techinical Specification
◎ Measuring range: HV50-1599, HRC20-76, HB76-618, HRB41-100, HRA61-85.6, Mpa255-2180
◎ Test direction: 360°
◎ Hardness standard: HV, conversion hardness can use the hardness conversion APP
◎ Battery: 2600mAh / 7.4V
◎ Size: 175mm*76mm*28mm
◎ Sensor: Ø22×150mm
◎ Weight: 750g

Application Field
◎ Flange edge and gear root stampings, dies, plates, case hardened teeth and gear slots, taper section hardness measurements
◎ Shaft and thin-walled pipe, container hardness measurement
◎ Wheel, turbine rotor hardness measurement
◎ Drill bit hardness measurement
◎ Welding parts of the hardness measurement
◎ Measurement of a certain depth of the deep hole hole, a larger curvature of the dent marks, irregular plane
◎ Covering most of the industrial production of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and their alloys hardness measurement

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