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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector(7)

DLD-C1230 A/B/C/D Tube Bar C Scan




● Structure internal and surface corrosion detection
● Crack depth, shape and detection of crack sources
● Detection of layered defects
● Inspection of defects inside metal materialsand composite materials

The C-scan system has quality stability, durability and reliability.
The high-resolution color LCD display is equipped with fast analog real-time measurement system to provide detailed waveform information. The high-speed screen refresh rate (above 70 Hz) enables real-time display of defect echoes. The quick keyboard, simple and clear menu structure make the human-computer interaction more friendly, and the instrument operation is very convenient. Various output interfaces make the application more extensive and use more flexible.

Technical Specifications
● System Freedom: 3 Axis
● The effective scanning range of the system: 1200*300*300
● System Coupling Mode: Water-immersion Coupling
● Detection channel: single channel
● System C scanning signal acquisition and motion automatic control:
● Ultrasonic C-scan data processing and storage using PC (desktop or notebook), using USB2.0 interface and ultrasonic transmission/connection.Receive modules to connect, collect and process digital ultrasonic signals.
● Use a parallel port or USB interface to connect the stepper motor controller to control three-axis motion.
● Ultrasonic Transmitter/Receiver Module: Using USB2.0 interface, ultrasonic pulse transmission /reception and A/D integration.
● Specific performance indicators are as follows: 0.5-20MHz bandwidth (-3dB bandwidth)
Three optional broadband bandpass filters for matching different frequencies of flooded focusing probes:
Band 1: 0.2 to 1 MHz,
Band 2: 0.5 to 4 MHz,
Band 3: 2 to 20 MHz
● 0-110 dB gain, multiple gain steps for the user to choose, there is more flexible user-defined step mode 0.2/0.5 / 1 / 2 / 6 / 12 dB for the adjustment step, lock gain at 0 dB .
● Detection method: RF, full wave, positive half wave, negative half wave
● Damping options: low (50 Ohm), high (500 Ohm)
According to user needs, it can be expanded into 4 types of damping options: 50 Ohm, 75 Ohm, 150 Ohm, 500 Ohm
● DAC/TCG, JIS-DAC, AWS1.1, DGS/AVG, REF, oblique probe color coded display, and all auxiliary software functions in the industry.
● UT transmitter: The pulse transmitter includes 2 types of modes. Fully digitally controllable square wave pulse (pulse width and voltage range are wider than other company's adjustment range, and stepless continuous adjustment)
Pulse width 20 to 1000 ns, 10ns steps, continuously adjustable
Voltage amplitude 20 to 500 V, 10V steps, continuously adjustable
Sharp pulse intensity: low (70 V), high (500 V)
● Pulse repetition frequency: 20 ~ 1K Hz automatic adjustment
● Trigger, Gate, and Signal Characteristics
Trigger mode: software control (manual and automatic modes), external input.
Gate Height (Threshold Control): Programmable 1~100% Full Screen
Number of gates: 2 independent gates (gate start, width and height fully controllable)
Signal Feature Acquisition: Real-time full feature acquisition (including signal amplitude and position)
● Real-time signal characteristics
 Trigger to interface (first echo) detection
 Maximum peak (inside gate) position: peak position (flying time) detection
 First peak (inside gate) position: JIS front position peak position (flying time) detection
 (Inside the gate) Threshold time before the first peak: JIS front detection
 (Inside the gate) Threshold time before maximum peak: Frontier detection
 (Inside gate) Peak amplitude detection
(Inside the gate) First peak amplitude: Peak amplitude detection at the JIS front
 Signal amplitude voltage resolution is greater than or equal to 10 bits
TOF resolution 10ns
A/D converter
● Resolution: 10-bit low-power A/D converter (maximum sampling rate 105M sampling points/s)
● Compensation Control: Program Control 10-Bit DAC
● The sampling rate includes at least: 100M, 50M, 25M samples/sec
● Sample memory: 256KB, SRAM
● Maximum waveform sampling length: no less than 256KB samples

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