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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector(7)

Dailyaid UT test block




IIW Type 1 Block Used for calibration of shear and longitudinal transducers, and verification of shear wedge exit point and refracted angle. Can also be used for resolution and sensitivity checking.
IIW Type 2 Block IIW type blocks are used to calibrate instruments for both angle beam and normal incident inspections. Some of their uses include setting metal-distance and sensitivity settings, determining the sound exit point and refracted angle of angle beam transducers, and evaluating depth resolution of normal beam inspection setups.
Miniature Angle-Beam Block The miniature angle-beam block can be used to check the beam angle and exit point of the transducer. The block can also be used to make metal-distance and sensitivity calibrations for both angle and normal-beam inspection setups.
DSC Block AWS-type block used for shear wave distance and sensitivity calibration.
AWS Resolution Calibration (RC) Block The RC Block is used to determine the resolution of angle beam transducers per the requirements of AWS and AASHTO. Engraved Index markers are provided for 45, 60, and 70 degree refracted angle beams.
DC Block AWS-type DC block used for shear wave distance calibration. 
DS Block AWS-type DS block is a calibration standard used to check the horizontal linearity and the dB accuracy per requirements of AWS and AASHTO.
ASME Sec V Basic Calibration Block Used for establishment of primary reference responses for UT examination of welds.
SC Block AWS-type block used for shear wave sensitivity calibration. Contains two .062″ diameter through holes. 
4-Step Block 4-Step Block for thickness and linearity calibration.
ASTM Area Amplitude Set of 8 Set of eight flat-bottom hole blocks used to determine the relationship between flaw size and echo amplitude by comparing signal responses.
ASTM Distance Amplitude Set of 19 Set of nineteen flat-bottom hole blocks used to determine the relationship between metal travel distance (MTD) and signal amplitude. Hole diameter must be specified when ordering (3/64”, 5/64” or 8/64”).
ASTM Distance/Area Amplitude Set of 10 Basic set of ten flat-bottom hole blocks used to determine dead zone, sensitivity, distance and area amplitude linearity measurements.

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