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Vibration Meter(3)

Portable Vibration Meter DLV-400




● Used for fast failure detecting of motor, electric fan, pump, air compressor, machine tools and so on.
● Compact size, small weight, easy handling
● Prompt testing of vibration on the workshop machines
● For quick checking of unbalance misalignment, bearings and gears
● Guard against mechanical malfunction
● Holding tested value for 40 seconds
● Automatic switch off after 40 seconds
● DLV-400 is used specially for velocity testing
● DLV-500 is used for acceleration, velocity and displacement testing
Technical Specification
Model DLV-400 DLV-500 
Parameter RMS of vibration velocity (mm/s) Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement
Testing range Velocity: 0.1mm/s~ 199.9mm/s Acceleration:0.1m/s2-199.9m/s2(peak)
Velocity: 0.1mm/s-199.9 mm/s(RMS)
Displacement: 0.001mm-1.999 mm (peak-peak)
Frequency range Velocity:10Hz ~ 1kHz Acceleration: 10Hz ~ 1kHz(LO)
            1kHz ~ 15kHz(HI)
Velocity: 10Hz ~ 1kHz
Displacement: 10Hz ~ 500Hz
Accuracy ±5% ± 2digits
Display 3 1/2 digits LCD
Power supply two button batteries(LR44 or SR44)
Battery capacity Approx. 5 hours working continuously
Operating temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Humidity <85%
Dimension 150mm×22mm×16mm

Standard Delivery
  NO. Item Quantity
Standard Configuration
1 Main uni. 1
2 Screwdriver 1
3 Batteries SR44\LR44 1.5V 2
4 Box 1
5 Document 1(set)

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