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Rockwell Hardness Tester(2)

Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester (Convex Nasal)




1. Specially designed head horizontally extends, can measure coronal, tubular and other parts that general hardness cannot be measured. The minimum inner diameter measured is 15mm;
2. Automatic "fool" type operation, press a key to get results without artificially preload, effectively prevent human error;
3. Touch screen interface, easy operation, with any language version;
4. Boot and can be used, no need to install counterweight, without installation
5. The electric load, closed-loop control
6. Test force automatic correction, the force accuracy improves a magnitude
7. All Rockwell scale, high, medium and low hardness values automatically corrected
8. Set up a password to protected setup parameters; keep more samples and test information
9. U disk save measurement data to EXCEL format for easy editing and processing
10. Modular design for easy maintenance
Main Technical Parameter
Standard Scale Conversion Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers (DHR-150DC)
Dwelling Time 0-60s
First Rockwell test force 10kgf (98N)
Rockwell total test force 60kgf (588.4N),100kgf (980.7N), 150kgf (1471N)
Force error Less than 0.5%
Hardness test range HRA:20-96 HRB:20-100 HRC:20-70  HRD:40-77 HRE:70-100
HRF:60-100 HRG:30-94  HRH:80-100 HRK:40-100 HRL:50-115
HRM:50-115 HRR:50-115
Hardness measurement accuracy 0.1
Implementation standards GB/T230.1, GB/T230.2 National Standard, JJG112 Verification Regulation,ASTM E18
Hardness reading LCD Display
Max. Height of Work Piece 300mm
Distance from indenter center to wall 250mm
Data Output U Disk
Power Supply AC220V
Dimension 710mm*250mm*880mm

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