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Vickers Hardness Tester(3)

Automatic Turret Micro Hardness Tester





DHV-1M Automatic turret micro hardness tester is the basic type micro hardness tester.
1. This instrument adopts LCD display, and can make a choice of any gear of test force for hardness scales HV or HK, as well as dwell time via the control panel;
2. The brightness of the light source can be adjusted without limit;
3. D1 and D2 value measured by observation lens is input directly when operating, and there is hardness value displayed on the LCD screen.
4. DHV-1M automatic turret micro hardness tester can switch the indenter and the objective lens in the test, and the test point is automatically positioning accurately.
Technical Parameter
Instrument Model DHV-1M
Test Force 10gf (0.098N)、25gf (0.245N)、50gf (0.49N)、100gf (0.98N)、 200gf (1.96N)、300gf (2.94N)、500gf(4.9N)、1kgf (9.8N)
Implementation Standard GBT4340.1,GBT4340.2,ASTM_E92
The Minimum Test Unit 0.5µm
Data Output LCD Display and can be read
Max. Height of the Work Piece 80mm
Distance from Indenter Center to the Outer Wall 95mm
Host Weight Approximately25Kg
X-Y Test Table Dimension: 100x100mm   Max. Movement: 25x25mm
Conversion of Hardness Standard HRA、HRB、HRC、HRD、HRF、HV、HK、HBW、HR15N、HR30N、HR45N、HR15T、HR30T、HR45T
Hardness Value Test Range 8-2900HV
Application Method of Test Force Automatic (loading, dwell, unloading)
Test Microscope Magnification 400x (Test) 100x (Observation)
Test force dwell time 0-60s
Power Supply AC220V+5%,50-60Hz
Dimension 405*290*480mm
Host Weight Approximately 25Kg

Standard Configuration
Item Quantity Item Quantity
Counterweight Axis 1 pc Counterweight 6 pcs
Cross Anvil 1 set Sheet clamping table 1 set
Flat Clamping Table 1 set Filament clamping table  1 set
Screwdriver 2 pcs Adjusting Screw 4 pcs
Small Lever Meter 1 set 10x test observation lens 1 pc
Micro Vickers Hardness Block (higher block and lower block) One Block each Spare fuse(2A) 2 pcs
Power Cable 1 pc Product Certificate 1 pc
Product User Manual 1 pc    

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