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Vickers Hardness Tester(3)

Digital Vickers Hardness Tester DHV-50D




1.DHV-50D Digital Vickers hardness tester adopts a large screen LCD display and the user interface menu structure, and can select hardness scale HV or HK on the operation panel, automatically calculate the measured hardness value, and automatically display. The hardness value can be converted It can be converted to all kinds of hardness standard.
2. The hardness of error can be corrected by software input, hardness value more accurately meet the requirements.
3. Test results can be automatically stored, processed, and printed
4. Equipped with RS-232 interface, on-line with the computer.
Technical Parameter
Instrument Model DHV-50D
Min. Measuring Unit 0.125µm
Test Force 1.0Kgf(9.8N),5.0Kgf(49.0N),10Kgf(98.0N),20Kgf(196N), 30Kgf(294N), 50Kgf(490N)
Hardness Meas. Range 8HV~2900HV
Application Method of Test Force Load and unload test force automatically
Test microscope magnification 100X、200X (Digital Test All Available)
Test force dwell time 0~60S (One unit per second, any key to enter)
Data Output LCD display reading, built-in printer and RS232 interface
Maximum work piece height 160MM
Indenter to outer wall distance 135mm
Power supply AC220V+5%,50-60Hz
Dimension L x W x H (520x190x650)mm                                          
Host Weight About 40Kg
Standard Configuration
Item Quantity Item Quantity
Counterweight 3 pcs Vickers hardness block 2 blocks
V-type test table 1 set Spare Fuse (2A) 2 pcs
Round test table 1 set Power Cable 1 pc
Large test table 1 set Product certification, printing paper 1 pc each
10X micrometer objective lens 1 pc Printer User's Guide, User's Manual 1 pc each

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