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Dailyaid Handy Wire Scanner SW01B




Dailyaid Handy Wire Scanner SW01B is a fully portable optical micrometer for non-contact measurement of wires, cables and other similar products.

Technical Parameter
◎ Measuring range: 0.02-1.0mm
◎ Measurement accuracy: ±0.0002 mm
◎ Sampling speed: 10,000 times / sec
◎ Resolution: 0.00001mm
◎ Instrument dimensions: 250 × 65 × 43 (mm)
◎ Instrument weight: 0.78KG
◎Self-contained lithium battery and charger, constant current and constant voltage charging voltage: 7.4V
◎ Working environment temperature: -10 ℃ --- +50℃

◎Embedded platform processing technology, with higher integration, faster computing speed and longer service life.
◎ With more advanced measurement and control technology, measurement accuracy is stable.
◎Large capacity data storage space, can store more than 100,000 data at a time, save data automatically marked with time, inspector, equipment number and other information, convenient for supervision and management and post-inquiry.
◎Ultra-high measurement accuracy, measurement accuracy up to 1 in 10,000.
◎High-resolution colorful LCD screen, the resolution is more than 500 times that of the dot matrix screen, and the night observation is clear, protect the operator's vision.
◎USB interface, faster and more reliable.
◎Graphical setting menu, it is more in line with the usage habits, and the operation is more concise and reliable.
◎Streamlined shape design, more ergonomic, easy to operate and carry.
◎High-efficiency and large-capacity polymer lithium battery, the standby time is longer, and it can work for more than 6 hours after being fully charged.
◎Intelligent calibration eliminates the manual and complicated calibration data setting and repeated training.

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