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QPT-TS Contour measurement




Contour measurement – beyond the classic methods

The geometrically unique, horizontal position of the probe arm enables the testing of contours and in holes of a diameter of under 2 mm, up to over 300 mm. Probe tip breakage is minimised through the integrated safety restriction of Z-axis movement. The possibility of roughness testing, provided by the integrated measuring force setting, can be used in combination with the contour test. Re-measuring is therefore unnecessary in many cases. Contour and roughness results can practically be determined in a single transit. Further tasks which can be undertaken via the ConturoMatic TS include the testing of holes, distances from interior and exterior contours, threads, angle of taper, parallelism, formal errors, measurement of uninterrupted surfaces, without losing the absolute reference etc.
◎ Robust mechanical basis
◎ Large measuring range 250 x 320 mm (TS), 280 x 350 mm (TS-X)
◎ Guide elements made of granite. The basis for the highest of guide accuracy
◎ Integrated, motorised Y-variable table for automatic Zenit search (optional)
◎ Motor-controlled measuring axes
◎ Permanent, dynamic speed control. This leads to a constant data-point distance, regardless of the profile tilt
◎Contactless, incremental measuring systems. Our gauges behave like steel, from a thermal perspective.
◎ Integrated control electronics
◎Data acquisition and control via standard interfaces, guaranteeing future-proofing and independence from changing computer hardware
◎ No significant radius movement of the probe element
◎ Horizontal position of sensing device, which is unambiguous at all times. This enables simple, risk-free and automatic part testing
◎ Error limit: ± (0.9 + L/100) μm [L = measurement range in mm] (ConturoMatic TS)
◎ Error limit: ± (0.85 + L/100) μm [L = measurement range in mm] (ConturoMatic TS)
◎ Software basis of ConturoMatic: W10/64Bit, optionally W7/64Bit

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