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Dailyaid Air Gage DLG-400S




◎ Resolution up to 0.1 micron
◎ High measurement accuracy and good repeatability
◎ Wide measurement range available
◎ The light column has three colors of red, green and orange.
◎ Full Chinese interface display
◎ RS485, RS232, wireless communication (optional)
◎ With paperless recording
◎ Support U disk data transfer (optional)
◎ With automatic grouping
◎ High strength housing
◎ Easy to operate, multiple measurement methods
◎ The automatic grouping function is achieved by setting the group start and group width through the menu.
◎ There are no adjustable devices such as dial switches inside the instrument to improve the vibration resistance, stability and reliability of the instrument.
Technical Parameters
LED Display Number 101
LED Display Color Red, orange and green
Measuring Unit 254mm
Measuring Type Inner diameter, outer diameter, height, runout, maximum, minimum, etc.
Air Source Dry and clean, 0.4Mpa-0.8Mpa
Basic Error
Display Value(um) Resolution Total Error
±5 0.1 0.2
±10 0.2 0.4
±25 0.5 1.0
±50 1 2.0
Application Field
◎ Car engine
◎ Car parts
◎ Refrigerator compressor
◎ Motorcycle 

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