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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge(4)

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge DLC-300




◎Automatic probe zero calibration when power on
◎Automatic probe recognizes, and a variety of probes are available
◎9 material velocities are prestored for easy selection
◎Large-screen high-definition backlit LCD display with English menu
◎Measuring range expanded to 0.65mm-400mm (different probes determine different measuring ranges)
◎Manual/ Automatic gain adjustment
◎Can measure small calibration of Φ15 inner diameter and 1mm wall thickness
                                DLC-300                                                               DLC-300 Package
Standard Configuration
Model DLC-300 Standard DLC-300 Intelligent
Main Unit
Probe DL08 DL08
75mg Couplant(Bottle)
Battery (Two AAA Batteries)
Software and Cable  
Attached Documents
Instrument Case
 Technical Specification
Specification DLC-300 Standard DLC-300 Intelligent
Dot Matrix LCD & Backlight 128x64 128x64
Accuracy 0.8mm~9.99mm±0.04mm, 10.00mm~99.99± (0.1%+0.04) mm, 100.0mm~400.0mm≤0.3%Hmm. Ps, H stands for the thickness values measured.
Automatic Zero Calibration
Manual Recalibration
Measuring Range(mm) 0.65-400 0.65-400
Data Storage   5000 sets
USB Interface to Upload  
English Menu
Indication Accuracy 0.01 0.01
Velocity Adjustment
Velocity Measurement
Metric Conversions
Data Reading  
Customized Velocity
Low Voltage Display
Automatic Shut-down
Average Measurement  
Measurement Restrictions  
Min Measurement
Differential Measurement  
Scanning Mode  
Dimensions(mm) 115x64x27 115x64x27
Weight(g) 220 220

Optional Probe
Probe Model Frequency Measuring Range Operating Temperature Minimum Diameter Size
DL08 5MHz 0.8-300mm <60℃ Φ25x1.2mm
DL06 7.5MHz 0.65-50mm <60℃ Φ15x1.2mm
DL04 10MHz 0.65-20mm <60℃ Φ15x1.0mm
DL12 2.0MHz 2.0-400mm <60℃ Φ40x3.0mm
DL13 5MHz 2.0-100mm <350℃ Φ25x2.0mm
DL01 5MHz 1.2-300mm <60℃ Φ25x3.0mm

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