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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge(4)

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge DLC-400 Standard/Intelligent




◎Can measure the thickness of the workpiece through coating (echo - echo measurement mode)
◎Automatic probe zero calibration when power on
◎Automatic probe recognizes, and a variety of probes are available
◎Meet various measurement needs via 3 kinds of measuring methods, Transmission-echo, echo-echo, and fast scan mode
◎Large capacity of 5000 sets data storage (applied to DLC-400 Intelligent)
◎9 commonly used materials’ velocity value is prestored. Users can customize and store the value of the velocity.
◎USB data interface
◎Chinese & English operation interface 

Standard Configuration
◎One set of Main Unit
◎One set of DL01 Probe
◎One bottle of 75mg Couplant
◎Two sets of AAA Battery
◎One set of Attached Documents
◎Software and Cable (DLC-400 Intelligent)
◎One set of Instrument Case
Technical Specification
Performance Parameter Standard Intelligent
Measuring Range Normal Mode: 1.2-300mm (different probes determine different measuring ranges)  Through the Coating: 3-25mm
Indication Accuracy 0.01mm
Zero Calibration Automatic probe zero calibration when power on
Probe recognition Automatic probe recognition
Display Information Measured value, velocity value, probe model, meas. mode, measurement symbol, battery power
Indication Unit Metric / Imperial
Velocity Range 9 commonly used materials’ velocity value is prestored, and can be set between 1000m/s and 9999m/s.
Velocity Meas. Measure the sound velocity of the thickness-known materials
Measuring Mode Transmission-Echo Mode Standard Meas.: Meet common testing requirements
Min Meas.: Meet the needs of curved surface measurement or the measurement to select the minimum value.
Differential Meas.: Display the difference between the actual measured value and the set standard value.  
Average Meas.: Provide the average measured value between 2-9 points.  
Meas. of upper and lower limits: Limit Alarm.  
Echo-Echo Mode Measuring the thickness of the substrate through the coating
Fast Scan Mode Suitable for high temperature or there’s need to improve measurement speed, 10 measurements per second, and can display the maximum and minimum value in measurement simultaneously.
Data Storage Can store 5000 sets measured data.  
Output Interface USB  
Shutdown Choice Can choose 2 or 5 minutes to shut down automatically or no automatic shutdown.
Dimension 115x64x27mm
Weight 220(g)
Operation Temp. -20℃-50℃
Battery Two AAA alkaline batteries
Operation Hours 50 hours (without backlight)
Monitor 128x64 with LED backlight

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