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Analysis of Industrial Endoscope Nondestructive Testing Tech

date:2017-11-22 source:Dailyaid

The rigid industrial endoscope tube has many achromatic optical lenses to form an image transmission system, which can obtain higher quality images without distortion reaching the eyes of the detector, so the imaging is very fidelity and is also the type of mirror In the highest definition.
Wrapable small diameter hose endoscopy can be in-depth inspection of the hard tube industrial endoscope unreachable place, which is the biggest difference with the hard industrial endoscopy for the use of soft optical fiber imaging transmission system, once the light into the optical fiber That is, can not escape, so the endoscopic mirror shaft rotation or bending will not affect the image transmission; as the image by the same number of optical fibers "dots", that is, the resolution of the image by the number of optical fibers; the more the smaller the diameter The higher the resolution of an optical fiber, the higher the manufacturing cost. The number of industrial fiber optic industrial mirrors can be from 3,500 up to 22,000, for the convenience of observation, but also to control the front-end shaft to transform different perspectives of the two-way and four-way control models.
Video industrial endoscopy for the use of less than 1/6 "of the photosensitive chip is located directly in the mirror endoscopic axis, the signal transmission line to the monitor imaging, because the image directly into electrical signals so the endoscope can not be directly visual , LED lighting at the axial end of the direct lighting; advantages for the manufacturing cost is relatively low and has nothing to do with the shaft length, easy to observe the screen, can store photos, video for offline analysis as the basis; disadvantage is limited to the photosensitive chip is located at the shaft end , Endoscopic shaft diameter 1/18 "photosensitive chip can only be the smallest 5.5mm (10m water pressure and integrated high-brightness LED lights) around, if properly reduce the reliability requirements, you can do 3.8mm. In addition, environmental resistance is poor, allowing temperature resistance and shock resistance are not as optical endoscopy, can not be used in various occasions.
Industrial endoscopy, is a branch of nondestructive testing, it can be said that a specialized testing technology.
Industrial endoscope because of its special size design, allows us to not damage the surface of the object to be detected easily and accurately observe the internal surface structure of objects or working conditions.
Nondestructive testing requires the use of industrial endoscopy as a testing tool designed and manufactured to meet the complex industrial environments. Endoscopy in recent years with the development of endoscopic manufacturing technology has gradually been widely used as a detection technology.
Industrial endoscope can be used for inspection and observation of places where high temperature, poisonous, nuclear radiation and human eyes can not be observed directly. It is mainly used in automobiles, aeroengines, pipes, mechanical parts, etc. without dismantling or destroying the assembly and equipment Non-destructive testing is carried out when it is out of operation. On the other hand, industrial endoscopes can also be connected with cameras, video cameras or electronic computers to form camera, video and image processing systems for monitoring, recording, storing and graphing of field of view objects Image analysis provides a good guarantee for diagnosis and handling.

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