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Vickers Hardness Tester(3)

1.DHV-50D Digital Vickers hardness tester adopts a large screen LCD display and the user interface menu structure, and can select hardness scale HV or HK on the operation panel, automatically calculate the measured hardness value, and automa... More


1. Standard 8-speed force from 10gf (0.098N) to 1kgf (9.8N); 2. Measure the indentation diagonal length, and the system automatically calculate and display the hardness value; 3. Automatically switch the indenter and objectiv... More


Description DHV-1M Automatic turret micro hardness tester is the basic type micro hardness tester. 1. This instrument adopts LCD display, and can make a choice of any gear of test force for hardness scales HV or HK, as well as dwell time vi... More

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